Full moons set the mood for a great night to appreciate the outdoors. Ronin Cooking Farm gives you the opportunity to indulge in the beauty of a full moon, while enjoying a tasteful dinner.

The business is owned and operated by an amazing Aggie couple, Brian and Amanda Light, who love to show the community a bit of culture while keeping stomachs full. Their venue really gives you the Texas feeling.

Brian Light is a professional chef, who has experience in different cuisines such as Japanese and French. He has integrated his skills to make some of the best meals in central Texas, with produce from his own farm. Light and his wife love to share their cooking with those around them, especially through events like the Full Moon Dinner.

Every month, Roning Cooking Farm hosts a nine course full moon dinner that takes place in the forest just outside their barn. This month, the dinner will take place on two nights, Friday and Saturday, September 8 and 9 from 6:30 p.m. to 10:00 p.m.

Although this dinner is hosted each month, the menu is dynamic, and changes according to what products are ripe during that specific time. The Lights make sure that the guests are getting the best picks possible.

Guests are able to take a tour through the farm that allows them to see where the great food they are about to eat is grown. After enjoying a tasteful dinner, guests take a candlelit walk through the beautiful garden, where they arrive to a scenic view of the full moon and dessert.

Ronin Cooking Farm’s philosophy is simple: make sure the community gets in touch with the traditional way of food gathering and does not forget where it all comes from.

All reservations are done online through the Ronin Farm website, so go save your spot before the dinner fills up! Don’t forget to sign up for their newsletter, to get updates on other great events the farm hosts, products they are selling, and even produce.