Brothers Osborne – Pawn Shop

Brothers Osborne – Pawn Shop January 15

Country duo Brothers Osborne has released their first full length album “Pawn Shop.” Produced by Eric Church’s right-hand man Jay Joyce, “Pawn Shop” blends country with their roots and adds some pop appeal. The album kicks off with “Dirt Rich” an up-tempo, funky track about appreciating the finer things in life. “21 summer” brings memories back for anyone who has had a summer love, this song will strike a more personal chord with you. Included on the album is their current single “Stay A Little Longer,” which is burning up the charts. They slow it down with “Loving Me Back” featuring Lee Ann Womack. Womack’s vocals bring the pain out in the track. The title track “Pawn Shop” is a mid-tempo track about when life hits you a little bit hard. The best effort on the album is “American Crazy,” it’s a nostalgic tune about the middle class folks here in the US.


Hoodie Allen – Happy Camper

Hoodie Allen – Happy Camper January 22

Hoodie Allen is back with “Happy Camper.” Allen brings his own twist to Hip-Hop. The 10-track album has several collaborations with Meghan Tonjes, Blackbear, and Ricky Smith. Blackbear lends their talent to “Surprise Party” and “Champagne and Pools.” “Surprise Party” is a mid-tempo track with decent background accompaniment. “Champagne and Pools” brings more of the party vibe to the album. The keyboard in the background carries the track. Meghan Tonjes joins Allen in “Are U Having Any Fun?” The track sounds like it belongs in the early 90s and is hands-down the best track on the album. Overall, this is a middle-of-the-pack rap album that won’t disappoint Hoodie Allen fans.



Coasts January 22, 2016.

Coasts has released their self-titled, deluxe album. There is a great southern California vibe to this 16 track album. “Oceans” kicks off the album in the right way. Reminiscing about finding love next to the water, if you are a fan of the ocean, you will like this song… a lot. “Wolves” and “Lions” may be misleading track names but they deliver solidly. “You” is an up-tempo track that is one of the album’s best while “Modern Love” accurately portrays love in this day in age. The vocals and background music are equal in impressiveness to the songwriting. These guys are great at harmonizing and utilizing emotional highpoints in the music by bringing added flavors to the songwriting with the music itself. If you haven’t heard of Coasts yet, it may be a good time to give them a listen because this album does not disappoint.


Green River Ordinance

Green River Ordinance January 22

Green River Ordinance returns with their new album “Fifteen.” The album leads off with “Keep Your Cool,” a reminder to everyone to take a step back and not let your pride get in the way. The album rolls on with “Red Fire Night” an up-tempo track that will make you want to get up and two step. It’s a fun track that will certainly become a fan-favorite. They crank up the rock in “Maybe It’s Time (Gravity)” but slow it down “Simple Life.” The ability to balance has brought this album to the next level. “Tallahassee,” “You, Me & the Sea,” and “Endlessly” pull at the heart strings a bit. Green River Ordinance has done it again, they really do just keep getting better and better.