Spring has sprung and that means Chilifest has once again come around! Always a treat, this year, Cody Jinks will take the headliner stage Saturday, April 6, to end the festival right. Grab your tickets now to catch his sure-to-be unforgettable performance from 7-8:15 p.m.

For over a decade now, artist Cody Jinks has been producing music that sure does speak to the soul. After dabbling in the heavy metal world of music, Jinks decided to try his hand and voice at country in 2008. And thank goodness he did! From there this Texan singer and songwriter has built a fandom numbering into the twenties of thousands and continuing to grow!

Jinks and his sound caters toward fans of the rock-and-roll side of country music, and with his rugged vocals and tousled rhythms, he creates stories through his lyrics that listeners can relate to on all levels. From being a lone wolf to blaming it on the alcohol to leaving, Jinks takes his listeners through all stages and phases of life.

You may recognize the rough, gruff vocals of Jinks from his most popular songs like “Must Be The Whiskey” or “Desert Wind” that also feature the sorrowful sound of a steel guitar. Unsurprisingly, Jinks’ 2016 album, “I’m Not the Devil,” rose to number four on Billboard’s Top Country Albums chart.

With his newest album, “Lifers,” released in July 2018, Jinks reaffirms to his fans his commitment to producing music that has purpose and passion in its stirring lyrics and melodies. The album’s songs take on the spirit of solidarity and hard workin’ crowds. Jinks’ lyrics express life from all angles with a gritty truth. Add to that the depth of his voice that creates a mysterious, smokey-like sound, and it’s clear why Jinks draws in so many fans from afar to listen.

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