Heading to Chilifest this year? Here’s Friday’s lineup!

John Hord • Performs 4:45 – 5:15 pm

If you’re looking for Red Dirt meets Traditional Country with a smidgeon of Rock, this is the band for you. A Texas native, Hord cites his father, Houston singer Jeff Hord, along with Aaron Watson and Cody Johnson as influences. He’s been focusing on his music professionally since 2016.

Kolby Cooper • Performs 5:30 – 6:15 pm

From East Texas, Kolby Cooper describes his work as having a “Texas Music Sound.” Cooper was also influenced by his dad as they drove around listening to country. As a result, he started playing guitar, and the rest is history. Cooper’s inspirations include Waylon Jennings, Johnny Cash, Blink 182 and Chris Cornell.

Kody West • Performs 6:30 – 7:15 pm

Kody West’s sound mixes Texas Country and Bluegrass with strong grooves. From Denton, Texas, West started his musical career in 2014 as an acoustic artist, opening for another band that he was also managing, so he’s experienced the music business from both sides.

Shane Smith and The Saints • Performs 7:30 – 8:15 pm

Shane Smith and The Saints admit they don’t fit easily into a musical category. But you can expect four-part harmonies, intense musicality and a show-stopping performance nonetheless. Calling Austin home, the band tours both the U.S. and internationally.

Pat Green • Performs 8:30 – 9:30 pm

Pat Green has been around the block a few times, but now he’s come home to Texas. Winning a major record label contract catapulted him to the top, where he toured with Kenny Chesney and Keith Urban. But Green wanted to get back to his creative roots and the sound his fans have come to know and love—acoustic guitars, fiddles, and lyrics that reach out and grab your heart.

Koe Wetzel • Performs 9:45 – 10:45 pm

While many musicians go into detail when writing about their sound, Koe Wetzel and his band clearly keep it about the music itself. Under the “BIO” tab of their website, it says, “Texas Rock and Roll.” And rock it they do. This East Texan band based out of Stephenville can deliver the quieter, thoughtful side, but also does high-energy like nobody’s business, perfect for ending your week!

You can find more info about the bands at http://www.chilifest.org/lineup/