Great burgers, craft beer and Texas Country singer Cory Morrow go together like watermelon and the Fourth of July. Currently, Morrow’s ninth studio album “Whiskey and Pride” has him on the road again, so come on out to Smitty K’s on May 16 for an evening you won’t forget.

There’s a couple of things you can always count on from Cory Morrow’s music: it’s gonna be real easy on the ears and it’s gonna be real. In a voice with a twang that wraps you up in a warm blanket on a chilly country morning, Morrow’s lyrics never shy away from calling things just like they are.  “The material on this album covers hard choices – from trying to find faith in difficult situations to celebrating life by running out naked into the hill country rain,” says Morrow. “’Whiskey and Pride’ is honestly one of my most diverse records, to date.” And that willingness to look at things—everything—with eyes wide open and heart exposed is one aspect of Morrow’s genius. This dedication to being upfront and throwing in a twist pulls you in and won’t let you go. Take, for example, the title track where Morrow is joined by Lloyd Maines, steel guitar wizard and producer of the album. “Whiskey and Pride” chronicles the inner journey of a man at war with himself over a relationship. Sitting at the bar drowning his emotions, he can’t manage to drown the idea that he should be handling himself differently, but “whiskey goes down easier than pride.”

The album itself is another chronicle: Morrow’s evolution as an artist. Combining earlier styles with lyrics full of the realizations that only come with time just works, and fans of his previous work will not be disappointed. Especially with the first studio remake of “Always and Forever,” featuring Jamie Lin Wilson.

This month has been a big one for Morrow. May 1 was his birthday, and on the 3-5, he hosted the first Go Wheels Up! Festival in San Marcos, celebrating airplanes, cars and country music. Be on the lookout for next year’s festival.

Come May 16, try pairing Morrow’s up close and personal music with a Smitty K’s locally sourced burger, fries, and a cold one.

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