Dreams can be deceiving, and sometimes what you really want is right in front of you all along. That’s the focus of the the newest Netflix-original film, “The Perfect Date,” a film that takes a minor directional shift from the typical teenage-drama genre.

“The Perfect Date” follows high school senior Brooks Rattigan (Noah Centineo) as he prepares his college applications, specifically to his dream school of Yale. His family’s finances aren’t exactly up to Ivy League standards, so Brooks decides to be creative in his money-making strategies. After posing as the boyfriend of the rich and rebellious Celia Lieberman (Laura Marano) for some extra cash, Brooks decides to create an app for platonic escort service–“The Perfect Date.”

Of course, every action has a consequence. Brooks’ business venture soon has unexpected results, and he has to decide between the college/girl of his dreams and what will truly bring him happiness.

The film isn’t anything new when it comes to teenage dramas. Boy meets girl, boy friendzones girl, boy falls for girl, boy upsets girl, boy fights for girl. But what “The Perfect Date” does do differently is making the the characters a bit more realistic. Brooks is a bit self absorbed, not the perfect lead that is so often featured in these films. Celia is hypocritical and judgemental. It places the characters in a real world setting that is more relatable than other movies in the genre.

Overall, “The Perfect Date” is worth a watch. It’s predictable yet funny and has just enough of a unique quality that makes for an entertaining 90 minutes.