While we often think of concerts in terms of the high-production shows we see at festivals or on TV, there’s always something magical about the intimacy of a stripped-down acoustic set. When there’s nothing separating the artist and their guitar from the audience, it forges a connection between the two that is rarely available with any other type of performance. Hurricane Harry’s understands this all too well. For the fourth Wednesday in a row, BCS’ iconic venue will be hosting their Acoustic Summer Series on June 26.

This particular Wednesday, the audience will be treated to a show from Parker McCollum and Chris Colston. Austin based singer-songwriter Parker McCollum could be considered relatively new to the Texas music scene; his first of two albums “The Limestone Kid” was released in 2015. However, his down to earth, engaging songwriting has caused a huge splash. “Probably Wrong,” released in 2017, cemented his popularity and gained him attention by, among others, Rolling Stone, who called McCollum a “no-holds-barred, confessional singer-songwriter who excels at relatable tales.” An all-acoustic set is sure to emphasize that penchant for relatable storytelling.

Also known for relatable lyrics, East Texas native Chris Colston is new to the Texas music scene; his EP “Gone” was released just last year. His band’s blend of country and southern rock is influenced by legends like the Allman Brothers and Willie Nelson, so his songs will almost certainly be enriched by a stripped down show.

If you’re interested in this personal, acoustic set from two Texas natives, Hurricane Harry’s doors open at 9:00 p.m. this upcoming Wednesday. Be sure to stop in and support your Texas musicians!

For more info, visit: http://bit.ly/2RkQMyP