Are you feeling saucy this spring? Well come on and join Messina Hof for their April cooking party! This month focuses on classic sauce production and application for their springtime cuisine demonstration. On Sunday, April 28, from 1-3 p.m., The Vintage House Restaurant in Bryan will host their monthly cooking class and invites everyone to join! Tickets for the class are available through their website now.

Each month, Messina Hof treats the community with the opportunity to attend a cooking class in order to learn a new skill or cooking technique while preparing a unique dish. The class itself features a step-by-step demonstration from the Messina Hof chefs as attendees follow along with the instructions and cook the featured dish. Of course, each dish features an  award-winning Messina Hof wine to add a subtle taste to the dish.

At this month’s featured cooking class, attendees will be able to sample many of the different wine pairings as the focus will be on sauce production. From whites to reds, the chefs will help to walk you through which wine pairs best with what sauce, whether tomato or butter-based. Not only will you be an expert on sauces by the end of the class, but you’ll be able apply the new skills in your own kitchen as well!

As always, Messina Hof welcomes all skill levels from beginners to apprentices of the culinary craft, so don’t be afraid to come cook with the class! Tickets can be bought through the Messina Hof website.

For more information and/or to purchase tickets, please visit: