Country music is never short of an up-and-coming performer eager to make their mark on the star-studded industry. With fresh songs and a recent tour under her belt, Morgan Ashley is one of country music’s latest artists. The country singer/songwriter will be in College Station once again promoting her very first album and won’t be someone country music fans will want to ignore.

The artist kicked off her music career with her start in the female country duo Morgan and Sara, originating here in College Station. Back in 2015, the two singers released their first album, featuring four original songs, at an EP release party. With their move to Nashville, the duo spread their good ole Texas country music as they performed in various locations and were able to develop their sound in the nation’s country music capital.

Since going solo, Morgan Ashley found success while performing around the country’s most famous stage. With the duo no longer creating music together, Ashley is now in pursuit of defining herself as a country solo artist. At the tender age of 19, the singer/songwriter is a seasoned performer. Touring for a year has brought much success to her young career, with performances all over the state of Texas such as the Wildflower Festival in Richardson and the well-known Tootsie’s in Nashville.

The singer/songwriter channels classic country artists such as Carrie Underwood and Faith Hill to shape her own sound.  Playing her guitar, the artist exemplifies a new era of the country-pop with her young but knowledgeable voice. Her songs are a blend of mellow sounds and small town vibes.

Morgan Ashley’s first solo EP will be released on April 6. In conjunction with Maverick 100.9’s Party on the Patio, the country singer’s self-titled album will be debuted this Thursday for eager listening ears. The EP Release Party will be held at Ozona’s Grill and Bar in College Station starting at 6pm, and you can check out her latest songs and new sound with live performances from the artist.