DreamWorks Animation’s “Boss Baby” brings to theaters a new way of looking at infants and what they really do when adults aren’t watching. Director Tom McGrath tells the story of a family’s newborn – who happens to be a secret agent – and his suspicious seven-year-old brother who knows the infant is more than just cute.

The older brother, Timothy – voiced by Miles Bakshi – becomes apprehensive of his new baby brother – voiced by Alec Baldwin – who can speak like an adult and carries a briefcase. Baldwin does an excellent job of maintaining a strong voice throughout the film and in-line with the baby’s facial expressions. Because the parents are ignorant of the mysterious acts, Timothy takes it upon himself to unveil the baby’s actions. This family movie provides entertainment for audiences of all ages and shows the world as a creative and inspired place, where even babies go to work. The plot combines suspense with an engaging story about an affectionate family that deals with more than just ordinary sibling feuds. McGrath engrosses audiences with colorful cinematography and animation of scenes that contrast one character as a baby and a boss in a suit and tie.

According to the New York Times website, “The Boss Baby” outdid “Beauty and the Beast” in terms of box office profits, which contrasted many viewers’ expectations. Grab a friend or your family and enjoy a couple of hours of solid family entertainment and head over to watch a baby become a boss.