There’s one word that can inspire either fear or excitement, and possibly some confusion, depending on who you’re talking to. That word would be yoga. I’ll bet that “yoga” was the last thing you expected. I mean, aren’t sun-salutations and tree poses for women and granola crunchers? Surely it isn’t for the rugged men out there. Well, what if I told you that some top athletes like LeBron James, forward for the Miami Heat, or professional football teams, such as the New York Giants and the Philadelphia Eagles, frequently incorporate yoga into their training regimes? Yoga isn’t looking too granola anymore. That being said, if you’re still up in the air about yoga and not really looking forward to the closed space and an intimidating mirror that reflects back your newly acquired yoga skills, there is another option to consider. How about rooftop yoga? Yes, there is yoga, and then there is rooftop yoga. You may ask yourself what the difference is, or perhaps you think just because it’s on the rooftop, your chances of wobbling while in one of those tricky balance moves isn’t any less. Well, I’m here to tell you that you’re probably right. But won’t the fantastic chance of eyeing the sunset make holding those warrior positions that much bearable? Out on the rooftop, you’ll be getting your vinyasa flow from the best view in town, breathing in that fresh night time air, and enjoying the feeling of being beneath the stars, even if your thighs are shaking.

Yoga is not only for serious athletes wanting to get their Namaste on. It’s for everyone wanting to get down in downward dog. Yoga Pod right here in College Station has their “Welcome Back, Ags” rooftop yoga class September 12th 7:30-8:30 p.m. There is no cost of admission, and all levels of yoga are welcome. Led by Erika Ervin, classes do tend to fill up quickly, so signing up early is in your favor. New and returning Aggies are welcome to take their chance on a night of tunes, yoga, and the open sky. And if all else fails, there are some pretty clever yoga captions to make your latest instagram post a hit.