As college students, we look for people to live with in order to make rent cheaper because, well, school takes all our money. In the process of looking for a roommate, we want to make sure that their characteristics match with our expectations, but sometimes things do not always work out as planned. Here are a few tips in order to make your living situation go as smooth as possible.

If something bothers you, tell them. Do not be the petty roommate who passive aggressively makes moves but never says anything bluntly. This will save your time and energy because whatever is bothering you will get fixed faster.

Own up to your own mistakes. If you did not wash the dishes for a week, or you left your laundry in the dryer for too long, do not make excuses. Just pick up after yourself and go on. Your roommate is not your mother. Of course there is nothing wrong with asking for a favor when it comes to chores ever once in a while, but do not over do it.

Do not eat food that is not yours without permission. You see something you like in the fridge, but it is your roommates, ask to have it or simply do not eat it. If you have guests, make sure you let them know which food they can and cannot eat, because nothing is more annoying than coming home starving and realizing your leftovers are gone because your roommate’s boyfriend ate them.

Think twice before rooming with your best friend. As good as that sounds, sometimes roommate issues lead to the friendship breaking up. You might not realize that you have completely different expectations, and your perfect apartment turns into somewhere you do not even want to live. If things are not working out, move out before you end an important friendship.

If you have a pet, make sure to always clean up after them. Be considerate of your roommate/s, because no one wants their house smelling like animal feces.

Take turns doing chores around the house. A good organization plan is having a calendar on the fridge that says who’s turn it is to take out the trash, to sweep and mop, or to vacuum.

Whether you are a good or terrible roommate, hopefully these tips will help in making life easier. It is tough to find a roommate that meets the expectations you desire, but if you do, appreciate it. If your living situation is more than you can handle, talk to your roommate in a mature way, to see how things can be resolved. Do not let something that can be fixed today wait until tomorrow.