In the last few months, we have watched the Tower Point shopping center bring some great additions to Aggieland, such as a new Spoons Yogurt location and Farmhouse Creamery. We crossed William D. Fitch last week to try out Tea2Go! First off we had no idea a place like this existed. Picture a Starbucks but for tea with free wifi and a good place to study included. We were first met with a bookshelf FULL of tea options. The service was excellent and they were super patient while suggesting the best sellers.

Trying something with pumpkin in it was a must so we went with a rooibos tea called Pumpkin Pie served hot with vanilla sugar. They also offer tea latte so we ordered the Madagascar Coconut, which is a white tea, and we added coconut sugar and 2% milk. We heard fruit teas were also best sellers so we chose to have an iced green tea called Raspberry Acai Sencha with lemon sugar. Tea2Go is focused on the health benefits of loose-leaf tea from around the world, and by the end of this taste test, we agree.

All of our selections were delicious, but the tea latte (Madagascar Coconut) was the best by far, but we recommend you try them all. With the winter months rolling in, keep in mind that the Relaxing Mint is an herbal tea with honey that is served hot and would be the perfect remedy for a cold. Not only can you order a tea to go, but you can also bring home your own tea to brew. With more than 120 flavors, you are sure to find your perfect match.