One of the next performances to grace the stage of Rudder Auditorium brings with it a celebration of family and heritage. The Academy for the Visual and Performing Arts at Texas A&M University welcomes the upcoming show, “The Clothesline Muse” on March 1 in Rudder Auditorium at 7pm.

“The Clothesline Muse” is a play that emerged from an original dance routine created by Dr. Kariami Welsh, and tells the story of laundress Grandma Blu and her granddaughter Mary Mack who aspires to be a screenwriter. Mary has little appreciation for her grandmother’s stories and family culture, and it isn’t until she is handed down Grandma Blu’s laundry memorabilia that she is forced to address her heritage. Mary is then left with the challenge of pursuing her career while trying to uphold her grandmother’s legacy.

“The Clothesline Muse” examines the dynamic relationship between women and family as it transforms the simple act of hand washing clothes into a moving image of song and dance. Throughout the performance, the clothesline acts as the play’s central metaphor connecting generations of family and values.

The play stars six time Grammy award nominee jazz musician and actress Nnenna Freelon with vibrant kinetic tissue paper artwork by Freelon’s daughter, Maya Freelon Asante. The show also features Tyanna West as Mary Mack. This spell-binding production has been performing since 2013 and will soon be visiting College Station before heading over to San Antonio for a performance at Jo Long Theatre.

“The Clothesline Muse” is a performance that celebrates art, femininity, and family, but above all it works to foster in other families the desire to never stop talking about “what happened at the clothesline.” Tickets can be bought online through the MSC Box Office and are regularly priced at $12 with $7 for student tickets.