The Grand Stafford Theater is here for all your musical cravings. Per usual, the venue has a few concerts lined up this week if you’re looking for some good vibes and new tunes. Go ahead and plan an enjoyable evening with friends or a loved one in historic downtown Bryan. Food, drinks and a lively concert—what more could you ask for?

On Thursday, October 11, the Grand Stafford hosts The Gray Havens, a husband/wife duo. David and Licia Radford pull inspiration from their faith, creating a fusion genre of Christian folk pop. The two musicians began their musical journey in 2013, and thus produced their first EP, “Where Eyes Don’t Go.” From there, David and Licia have been creating harmonious music, their voices layered perfectly to complement one another.

The Gray Havens give a lot of credit to a local Chicago coffee shop, Conscious Cup, for being a platform to begin their music career. The duo slowly gained a following, and their acoustic, folk-infused music transcended that local coffee shop to larger venues across the country.

Another draw of David and Licia is their relationship. On stage, their relationship with each other unfolds and is emphasized in their lyrics. Lyrics that reflect their love for their faith and their marriage make for songs that pull at your heartstrings. The two sing, “I will love you till the stars turn cold, and I will love you like this ring I hold, yes, around around it goes” in their song “Band of Gold,” which perfectly portrays their dynamic and loving relationship as husband and wife and musical partners. Fans of the Oh Hellos and Tow’rs will love The Gray Havens.

The very next day, October 12, the Grand Stafford Theater welcomes Folk Family Revival and Great American Boxcar Chorus. Folk Family Revival stays true to their name with folk and honky-tonk country beats. Their songs make you want to clap along and stomp your feet to their infectious tunes. The band hails from Houston, Texas, and have been together since 2010. In their capable hands, they manage to make no two songs sound the same but still piece everything together with a distinct and cohesive country/folk sound. From politics to love to the modern world we live in, the band’s music covers a wide range of topics and emotions.

Joining Folk Family Revival is Great American Boxcar Chorus. They seamlessly mix several genres of music into their work without overwhelming their lineup. Instead of generating a hodgepodge of music, they create mellifluous mixtures of country, rock, bluegrass, and gospel. The band is led by Ben Morris and Bucky Bachmeyer. A band of many talents, Great American Boxcar Chorus is known for their ability to engage their audience. Tickets for both shows are $10 advance and $12 at the door, and the doors open at 7 p.m. with the music commencing at 8 p.m.