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College is an accumulation of junk and unworn clothing. Sure, your room may be clean and organized your freshman year for a couple of weeks, but once the impulse buys and freshman 15 hit, your closet gets stuffed with things that are unwanted or too small.

Poshmark solves two things: get rid of unwanted clothing and make easy money. Simply download the app, create a profile, and start posting! A simple picture of that shirt you haven’t worn for three years could make you some quick cash. Poshmark sends you a prepaid shipping label, so all you have to do is put your item in the mail once someone buys it. All transactions also take place through the app, so there’s no fear in not getting paid. Once you have some extra cash on your hands, feel free to browse other Poshmark member’s closets and finally buy that pair of shoes you’ve always wanted for a fifth of the price. Poshmark is an easy way to safely buy and sell lightly worn clothing!