In the twenty-first century, fashion has become increasingly faster. Fast fashion is defined by retailers as a term to describe inexpensive yet trendy clothing that is produced quickly. This inexpensive price tag usually equates to cheaply made clothing, which forces consumers to throw away their clothes and purchase the next trend. However, many consumers fail to realize that their fashion choices have a greater impact on the environment than they may suspect.

Fast fashion industries are the second biggest consumer of water, and emit an enormous amount of greenhouse gasses per kilogram. Another fact is that those beautiful, vibrant colors achieved in fast fashion clothing are usually accomplished with toxic, hazardous chemicals. Last, but definitely not least, many fast fashion factory workers are paid unfair low wages and work in unsafe conditions.   

To combat this ugly truth of many fashion industries, Gordon Renouf and Sandra Capponi founded “Good on You” in 2013. This app gives you ratings on over two thousand fashion brands to determine how ethical these companies actually are. “Good on You” also aids in finding similar brands that engage in ethical, sustainable practices. To put the cherry on top of supporting slow fashion, “Good on You” also encourages consumers to tell brands what they would like to see change in their companies’ practices, and congratulates brands that are doing well. The “Good on You” motto is fashion without harm. This app is completely free and has shown consumers that it is possible to be fashionable without supporting unethical practices.