Do you want to drink more water, exercise more often, or spend less time watching Netflix and more time studying? We are all aware of our bad habits, and we all have things we want to add to our daily routine but we never seem to follow through.

If you have been working towards a more perfect lifestyle but just can’t seem to get there, Streaks is an app that will change your life. Streaks uses your competitive nature to help you form good habits. With Streaks, you can choose up to six tasks that you want to keep track of. You can set a task for every day or you can tell the app which days you want to do a particular task. Each day that you complete tasks will add to your streak, and as you compete with yourself to see how high your streak can go, you will be forming habits that will improve your health and well being.


Streaks is available on all Apple devices, including Apple Watch. This paid app is worth the money and worth the healthy and productive lifestyle you have been dreaming of.