By Hannah Hardwick

On April 8th, come see an electric performance by Chase Gassaway & DBQ BBQ.

At only 29 years old, singer-songwriter Chase Gassaway has more musical experience than most artists twice his age. A lifelong Texan, Gassaway has created works for a wide range of groups from choirs to full orchestras, as well as composing the score to short film Take Two. He is also a talented vocalist and plays a large variety of instruments from guitar to reed organ.

Gassaway’s experience as a solo performer and member of groups, such as Canaries in the Coal Mine and the Matchmaker Band, has resulted in a unique multi-textured pop sound he calls his own. Instead of categorizing his music into Americana, folk, or alternative categories, Gassaway prefers to seek diversity and eclecticism. HIs music is unique and will be appreciated by all categories of music lovers. So come out April 8th to enjoy the uncommon talents of Chase Gassaway.

The following day, April 9, enjoy a performance from the Brice Woolard Band, based right here in College Station, TX. With a “Nashiville, Texas country” vibe, what started out as a two-man gig, playing small shows around town, soon turned into The Brice Woolard Band.

Music has been a part of Brice Woolard’s life since he was a kid. He started singing when he was only five years old, and started learning to play his grandma’s old fender acoustic when he was 14. Woolard is a self-taught artist, and hopes to be recognized as a great songwriter/guitar player. About two years ago he met Issac, the bands lead guitarist, and they started to travel around College Station, playing small shows wherever they could and they quickly formed a full band. Their musical background is based in metal & rock, which gives the traditional county sound a rougher edge. Come out on April 9th and enjoy some music from The Brice Woolard Band.

Both shows start at 5pm and end at 10pm.