Trace back America’s musical roots with a hop, step and a sashay twice this weekend at the Grand Stafford Theater with Americana musicians from Bryan and beyond! 

First up this Friday is Anna Stockdale with Joey McGree and local opener, Andrea Young. Stockdale turned her passion into a profession during her years in College Station as a Texas A&M student. This Nacogdoches-based Aggie has been on the road performing since 2017 and was named Songwriter of the Year by the East Texas Music Awards. Stockdale’s gentle guitar strums and voice paired with her empowering, tug-you-at-the-heartstrings lyrics will be delivered in her fourth album, Heartless, releasing this month! 

Meanwhile, Joey McGee is a New Orleans native currently calling the Brazos Valley home. His Americana music is all about adding a kick of Creole-Cajun spice to genres like country, rock, blues, and soul. McGee takes his roots into his music, delivering a variety of experiences and gut-wrenching emotions through honest lyrics and a soothing baritone voice.


You can experience both Stockdale and McGee’s true roots at their performance this Friday after Bryan local, Andrea Young, takes the stage. Young has a wide musical American range like jazz, blues, folk, and even classic pop and rock. So come see what music she and the other artists have in store!


Hold your horses, the show’s not over yet! Because this Saturday, you can saddle up for another night of Americana artists at the Grand Stafford Theater featuring The Cover Letter, Half Man, and another local opener, Magic Girl!


Founded in 2013, guitarist and vocalist Jacob Shipman alongside bassist Jarrod Nall created The Cover Letter right in their garage. Since this Austin-based band’s formation, The Cover Letter is a force to be reckoned with. Its six-member band features vocalist Angie Vanegas, keyboardist Fletcher Inzer, drummer Adam Kirschner, and lead guitarist Evan Runyon. The Cover Letter was named Top 10 Best New Austin Band and Top 10 Best Folk Band by The Austin Chronicle, plus ranked #1 in Music Connection Magazine’s Top 25 New Music Critiques 2017. Fast-paced and full of sound, you can really tell each member of the band gives their all and will put those dance moves of yours into action!

Coming onto the stage with them is Half Man, a one-man-band of Chase Spruiell who encapsulates Texas Americana and folk music through his songwriting. So far Half Man has had two albums released since 2016 and is also a keynote speaker for Indie/Punk/Americana band, Big Loser. Overflowing with poignant lyics with the acoustics of a guitar, Half Man’s music pays homage to everything that’s brought him to where he is now and what continues to take his career forward.


But before it all begins, get ready to have a spell cast over you with opener Magic Girl! Based in Bryan,Texas, Mary-Charlotte Young weaves stories of empathy, hard times, and empowerment imbued in Texas Americana with a pinch of punk rock. Don’t be fooled seeing her small frame take the stage, because her larger than life voice will deliver strong lyrics that will have you soaring.


The first show featuring Anna Stockdale with Joey McGree opened by Andrea Young will take place on Friday, August 16. Doors open at 8 p.m. and music begins at 8:30 p.m. Tickets are $5 in advance online or at the door. To purchase tickets, visit


The following show featuring The Cover Letter with Half Man opened by Magic Girl will take place on Saturday, August 17. Doors open at 8 p.m. and music begins at 8:30 p.m.. Tickets are $5 in advance online or at the door. To purchase tickets, visit