Country music lovers are in for a treat! On September 21, Jon Wolfe will be putting on an energetic performance at Hurricane Harry’s. Throw on your dancing boots and get ready for one heck of a show!

The Oklahoma native began creating music at a young age, but after seeing the success of fellow Oklahoman Garth Brooks, Wolfe started considering making music as a career. Wolfe’s songs are classic honky-tonk, and in a sea of other musicians’ offerings of country pop radio, they blew up the Texas country music charts and won the hearts of many in music halls across the area. Eventually he made his way permanently to Texas, settling in Austin.

His music lures people to the dance floor with upbeat tunes and storytelling songs. Many of his song lyrics provide a sense of summer bliss nostalgia. Additionally, Wolfe knows how to work a stage as he is a seasoned performer who has toured for several years and played over 400 shows. His charismatic stage presence invites you to engage in singing along and dancing. Some chart-topping singles you may recognize from Wolfe are “I Don’t Dance,” “Boots on a Dance Floor,” and “That Girl in Texas.” His most recent album, “Any Night in Texas,” was released in 2017 and creates the perfect country dancing soundtrack.

Opening for Jon Wolfe is Clay Hollis, a young contemporary country singer from San Antonio. Twangy vocals and wonderful energy make Clay Hollis one to watch for Texas country. His single “Look Who’s Hurting Now” climbed the Texas radio charts, and we can look forward to his full album debuting very soon. The best is yet to come from Hollis.

So if you want an excuse to wear your cowboy hat and go out two-stepping, catch Jon Wolfe and Clay Hollis perform an exciting show on September 21 at Hurricane Harry’s. Doors open at 8p.m. and tickets are on sale at $10 apiece. For more information, visit