Have you ever dreamed of recording your own music? For Houston’s Nathan Quick, Innovation Underground Record’s emerging label has made that dream a reality with his new single, “Southern Miles.” 

Quick found his start at fifteen while working his first job at Fioza Cafe, then going on to play blues in bars around Houston. Still living there, he says that inside the loop is “the biggest small town,” with an abundance of musical opportunity, even rivaling Austin. 

It’s only fitting that “Southern Miles” is Quick’s first release. The universal message of loss paired with his unique Red Dirt/Americana sound creates the perfect puzzle piece listeners didn’t know they were searching for. 

In “Southern Miles,” Quick combines the emotion-packed lyrics about loss with a driving drum beat that triggers the head-bobbing gene present in every music lover. The new release is a tribute to a former bandmate and longtime friend that the tight-knit group lost to suicide. “He was like a brother to me,” Quick said. 

Raised in a music-centric family, Quick was immersed in different genres that led him to create his unique sound. He prefers to take an organic approach to writing lyrics by responding to his emotions and writing them down in the moment. “I’m not a scientist, I don’t start out with 2 or 3 chemicals,” Quick said. “Southern Miles” would not be so raw and impactful without this fluid and recipe-less approach to music. 

No stranger to hard work, Quick started paying bills at a young age and even spent time working on oil rigs before switching to a full-time career in music. Accepting uncertainty in a different form, Quick doesn’t plan on letting anything hold him back. “Whether I hit it big or not, I’m going to do this,” Quick said. 

Fans can look forward to hearing more from Nathan Quick starting in late summer, early fall with the release of his full album. For more information on Nathan Quick and for a list of upcoming performances, visit: http://nathanquickmusic.com

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