Throw on your boots, grab your hats, and mosey on down to 313 College Ave to Hurricane Harry’s and dance the night away! Hurricane Harry’s offers guests a western experience and a night full of non-stop music on a huge dance floor. Harry’s is legendary for its live bands, country music and fun environment. This country nightclub welcomes guests 18 and up with a valid ID, and offers special two dollar drinks and three dollar shots for any responsible adult 21 and over. The doors to Harry’s typically open every Thursday through Saturday from 9 p.m. – 2 a.m., but don’t you worry—at 8 p.m. on Friday, September 7, Hurricane Harry’s will be open for the performance of special guest Wade Bowen!

This West Texas native will be performing some of his greatest hits, and you have the opportunity to witness it. Bowen is a Texas country and Red Dirt singer from Waco, Tx. In his younger years he studied public relations and marketing at Texas Tech University, but that was not his dream.  While in college Bowen saw what it was like to perform his own music with his band West 84. Eventually, Bowen graduated and left the group to become a solo artist. Once he went solo, he released his first album Try Not to Listen in 2002, which many Texans greatly enjoyed.

In the years following, he became a well-respected artist because of his persistence and hard work. This allowed his music to flourish outside Texas state lines and into new territory.  Over the next few years, Bowen then went on to release a number of albums with lyrics that brought some listeners to tears with heartfelt emotion and made others smile. In 2004, Bowen released The Blue Light Live album, in 2006 he released Lost Hotel, in 2008 If We Ever Make It Home. In 2014, Bowen joined forces with Randy Rogers of the Randy Rogers Band and wowed country music with their high-energy album, Hold My Beer.  

As Bowen became a seasoned singer-songwriter and recording artist, he realized that he needed to be pushed in his career like he’d never been pushed before. Stepping out of his comfort zone led to the creation of his 2018 album, Solid Ground, which was released February 9, 2018. With Solid Ground, Bowen sang an ode to Texas. So remember, on September 7, at 8 p.m., you have the chance to see Wade Bowen performing his songs live at Hurricane Harry’s!