After the scorching temperatures of this Texas August, we all deserve a break. It’s a good thing it’s coming up on another weekend because you know what that means: more great shows at Brenham’s best new venue, the 4 Star Concert Hall! They’ll have an incredible slate of unmissable shows during the next few days, so if you’re in the area, make sure to come out and enjoy a cold drink and some great entertainment.


On August 15, Texas legend Cory Morrow will be stopping by! A staple of Texas stages since the mid ‘90s, he likely needs no introduction at this point. Morrow is a true Texas star: born in Houston, went to college at Texas Tech, and then moved to Austin to launch his music career. Morrow has since gone on to become one of the biggest names in the Red Dirt Country scene, showing the rest of America that you don’t need to live in Nashville or be signed to a major label to make it in country music. Opening for him will be husband/wife folk duo My One and Only, whose honest, poetic lyrics are sure to stir your hearts. The doors open at 7:00 p.m. For tickets and more info, check out the event page:  


Friday, August 16, features the Austin-based Peterson Brothers Band. Founded by real-life brothers Glenn and Alex Peterson, the young duo and their band have been lighting up stages in Austin for close to five years now. Their brand of jam-heavy, guitar-driven blues conjures up memories of Stevie Ray Vaughan while also managing to draw a line between their peers by incorporating elements of funk, soul, and jazz. At such a young age, they’re already famous in Austin for their energetic live performances, so it’ll be a real treat to be able to check them out here! To learn more about the show and to purchase tickets, be sure to follow this link: 


This upcoming weekend, you’ll have the chance to see a current Texas legend and future Texas legends perform. These are two shows you definitely want to seize the opportunity to watch live. Hope to see you there!